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3:00-9:00 p.m.
2:00-7:00 p.m.

1601 Trinity Drive
Los Alamos, NM 87544
(505) 662-5611


Las Conchas Fire 2011 -- Volunteers make a difference

Las Conchas Fire 2011
Las Conchas Fire Elks clean up crew

On behalf of the Los Alamos Elk’s Lodge BPOE 2083 and its members, we would like to thank all of those who participated in serving and protecting this great community during the Las Conchas Fire.  We cannot express our appreciation enough. Thank You!

Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors that have lost their homes, possessions, and livelihood as a result of the fire.  We hope that some semblance of normalcy will return to your lives soon.

As we did during the Cerro Grande Fire, it was an honor and a privilege to offer our Lodge as a community center, offering hot meals, coffee, water, snacks, toiletries and hospitality to those who worked so tirelessly to protect our community during the evacuation.  It is amazing to look back and realize that we served approximately 14,000 meals over the course of the week. 

There are so many that volunteered their time, money or goods to ensure that we could serve the community.  Thank you, Smith’s Grocery Store, Los Alamos CO-OP, LANL Foundation, Los Alamos National Bank, Merrick Company, Santa Fe Food Depot, Premier Distributing Co., De Colores Restaurant, Blue Window Bistro, Los Alamos VFW, Sysco, O Eating House, Hot Rocks Java, Walmart, Thai Café, and numerous others that supported our efforts.  There are too many individual volunteers to list in this letter, however, please know that your efforts have not been overlooked.

In closing, we met and came to know many of the emergency workers that spent a week or more in our community and we hope that our efforts were reflective of how much we appreciated your diligence and perseverance in battling the fire.  Thank you, Wildland Firefighters, Helitack crews, National Guard, State Police, LAFD, LAPD, LAMC staff & LA County employees! It is a tough job that you have, and we hope you found a little comfort within our walls, even if it was for a short period of time.

Click here for a YouTube Video.


OMG! Thank you all for your generous support of the Elk’s Lodge during the 2011 Las
Conchas Fire. Our gratitude is extended to all that help and we are extremely sorry if you
were not included on this list.

Elk Members and Spouses (PER= Past Exalted Ruler):

  1. Apgar, Sean
  2. Aragon, Ben and Angie
  3. Boettner, Jay and Marge
  4. Bouman, Ben - Officer
  5. Campbell, Heather
  6. Cummings, Susan – PER
  7. Cummings, Monique
  8. Donohue, Anne – Candidate
  9. Dudick, Michelle
  10. Dudick, Shane
  11. Ellard, Kyndra
  12. Ferrell, Bill and Barbara
  13. Frazier, Trey – Maintenance
  14. Fry, Herb – Officer
  15. Gerth, Dan and Connie – Dan PER, PDGER
  16. Grzadzinski, Cary
  17. Hamilton, Mark and Sandy
  18. Hanson, Greg
  19. Hanson, Rhonda
  20. Hollis, Kirk – Trustee and Original Coordinator
  21. Kieltyka, Jennifer
  22. Kieltyka, Richard – PER, Trustee
  23. Knutt, Doug – Maintenance
  24. MacDonald, Jeremy Zan
  25. Metzger, Patrick
  26. Montoya, Frank
  27. Mosher, Milt
  28. Ray, Dwight and Shirley – PER, PSP
  29. Remde, Steve – Kitchen Coordinator/Manager
  30. Roberts, John – Candidate
  31. Scott, Ruth
  32. Sisneros, Richard
  33. Smith, Mark E. – PER, Trustee and Original Coordinator
  34. Smith, Mark K.
  35. Smith, Patricia
  36. Smith, Tracy
  37. Taylor, Craig – Officer
  38. Trujillo, Eppie – Secretary & Administration Coordinator
  39. Tupin, Ronnie and Sandy – PER, State Vice – President
  40. Weinbrecht, Eden
  41. Williams, Dave
  42. Williams, Reine – Exalted Ruler (President)
  43. Woodward, Alan

Other Welcomed Volunteers

  1. Benavidez, Arthur - VFW Men’s Auxiliary President
  2. Bhadkamkar, Medha
  3. Blanford, Mindy
  4. Burk, Brad – Hot Rocks & Java Café
  5. Calles, Monica - VFW Ladies Aux Past Pres.
  6. Carpenter, Travis
  7. Carmichael, Jeff and Sherry
  8. Coca, Nick – Refrigeration Truck
  9. Coca, Felix - VFW Quarter Master
  10. Connie who wishes to remain Anonymous
  11. Dodge, Holly
  12. Dummer, Sue - DeColores
  13. Duran, George – DeColores
  14. Duran, Joan – DeColores
  15. Duran, Mel – DeColores
  16. Duran, Tim – DeColores
  17. Duran, Zoe – DeColores
  18. Fox, Tony – LANL Foundation
  19. Garcia, James - VFW Commander
  20. Gurevitch; Alan
  21. Gonzales, Jet
  22. Gonzales, Manuel and Liza
  23. Herring, Allen and Yvonne
  24. Howze, Stacy
  25. Jaramillo, Martin and his nephew – O Eating House
  26. King, Nancy
  27. King, Tom
  28. Lamsa, Larry
  29. Leeches, Gerry
  30. Lemons, Steve & Sarah - Professional Chef (Steve) – O Eating House
  31. McCool, Brian
  32. McInerny, Mary
  33. Metzger, Heather
  34. Miller, Marvin 
  35. Montoya, Melissa
  36. Patersnoster, Mellissa & Staff – Blue Window
  37. Rinquest, Ricky
  38. Roberts, Jessica
  39. Roberts, John - Smith’s
  40. Roberts, John - Santa Fe Rotary Club
  41. Rush, Cathie
  42. Saiz, Abe and Marissa - State VFW Commander
  43. Salazar, Prax - Santa Fe VFW Jr. Vice Commander
  44. Sherrie, Justin and all others - Santa Fe Food Bank
  45. Schumsky, Shari
  46. Scott, Ruth (Ruthie) - VFW Los Alamos
  47. Isaac, Fermin, Henry and all others - Smith’s
  48. Sisneros, Michael, Andrea, Marina & Richard (VFW & Rotary Club)
  49. Sullivan, Jeri
  50. Valenzuela, George - VFW Los Alamos
  51. Vigil, Charles
  52. Vigil, George - VFW Los Alamos
  53. Wallace, Peter – Blue Window
  54. Wallace, Brenda
  55. Walters, Alison
  56. Watts, Steve and his helpers – Food CO-OP
  57. York, Gerald
  58. Zastrow, Leona


Premier Distributing Company – Refrig. Truck
O Eating House – Food and Chefs
Smith’s – Los Alamos – Food
Los Alamos Food CO-OP – Food
Blue Window – Food and Cooking
DeColores – Food and Cooking
VFW – Los Alamos – Food and Cooking
Santa Fe VFW Post 2951- Food and other items
The Santa Fe Food Depot – Food
Albuquerque Albertson’s – Food
Thai Café – Santa Fe – Food
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Santa Fe, Inc. – Soft Drinks
Sysco – Food
Aramark – Food
Santa Fe Seventh Day Adventist Church – Youth Group – Food and other items
Terry & Wendy Jenks – Spaghetti
County of Los Alamos – Diesel and Propane
The Tortilla Company


LANL Foundation
Los Alamos National Bank
Merrick and Company
Dennis and Karen Brandt
Andrea Martinez
Ben Bouman
Rotary – Los Alamos
            Leona M. Zastrow
            Alison Walters
Jay and Marge Boettner
John Longmire
John B. Grapsas
Las Vegas Elks #408 – PER Association
Deming Lodge #2750
Rio Rancho Elks #2500 – PER Association
Tucumcari Elks #1172
Silver City Elks #413
Marilyn Kay Smith


Benevolent and Protective Order of Elk's #2083
1600 Trinity Drive, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
(505) 662-5611


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